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  • 1Arma 3: Exile Mod
  • 2Ark: Survial Evolved
  • 3Fallout 4
  • 4GTA V
  • 5War Thunder
  • 6CS:GO

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Fallout 4 Released!

Fallout 4 is an engrossing game that lures you in with mystery and the promise of adventure. Its wretched wasteland can be captivating, and you never know what odd person or settlement lies around the next bend. Fallout 4 uses its dark world as a canvas for exciting combat and gripping stories, and when you dig deeper into its post-nuclear-apocalypse version of Boston--defending yourself from violent scavengers and using your wits to climb social ladders--you become attached to the new you, and ultimately invested in the fate of your new world.

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