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  • NEW Look Website!

    We have made some changes to the look and functionality of the website, hope you are all enjoying them. We introduced a brighter home page and forums as well as adding extended functionality like the Shoutbox and Teamspeak Viewer.  Enjoy! ~


  • Tags

    Just a reminder to all [R2] Members that you are to be using your [R2] tags whilst gaming and on the website. Please make sure you update your name on the website and forum to include these tags. If you need assistance to add the tags, simply let a founder or senior know and we can assist you. 

    Thanks for your co-operation. Doing this will ensure all visitors and new members can easily identify [R2] Members at all times.

    Cheers ~

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  • 1Ark: Survial Evolved
  • 2Zebra's Domination
  • 3Rainbow 6: Seige
  • 4Heroes Of The Storm
  • 5Battlefront
  • 6Battlefield 4

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Latest News

[R2] Gaming & Zebra's Domination

Domination. Quick, simple yet extremly refreshing.

We have all played the hiking simulator that we all know as DayZ or other look alikes. Today Uncookedzebra has brought us what it means to have fun without loading hours, or even days into a game.

  • Three flags to capture, tickets to bleed & everything fast paced PVP needs
  • Load your favorite ArmA 3 gun and start fraging your opponents: Made easier by Uncookedzebra's menu system in Domination. Just one press of a button and you are making your own killer load-out.
Hits: 66

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ARMA Units Page


Just a little update, we have a Arma 3 Units page now. The setup is still in Beta but once it does get fully released it will become a huge asset to us.

For instance, this will allow us to do public Arma events and have randoms come on and check us out.

Hits: 102

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War: Zebra

Uncookedzebra is at it again after a long and eventful move. With the "War: Zebra" server updated to the newest version of Arma 3, it is back in business.

That's not all that's going on though.

Hits: 93

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Mr. Green Irish's Epic New Giveaway!

 Ok Its time for another giveaway but THIS time Mr. Green Irish is letting the public decide what game will be given away. Watch the video below for the details!

Read more to learn more about the games that are up for vote!

Hits: 142

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